Dynamic Computing offers three different support plans that are each suited to our clients’ unique needs:

Managed IT

Dynamic Computing

Managed IT is our premier IT support plan chosen by over 80% of our clients. The plan is designed to provide all of the IT services that your small company needs – monitoring, maintenance, support, and consulting on your network for a single, flat monthly fee.

Along with the benefit of a predictable, manageable cost, our Managed IT clients also receive unlimited, unmetered support (including on-site visits), priority service, guaranteed response times, proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance, and managed security and backups. Flexible term and payment options are available, and we can customize the agreement to fit your unique needs.

Pricing starts as low as $399/month and varies based on the size and complexity of the network.


Dynamic Computing

Our QuickFix plan is designed for companies who have more limited IT needs, but still want a consistent working relationship with their IT Service Provider.  The plan is very flexible – you can customize the number of QuickFix incidents and add packaged hours based on your company’s needs, all while having the flexibility to make changes at any time.

Our QuickFix plans also include proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance checks, and managed security and backups.  Additional services can be provided on an as-needed basis, paying hourly for only the services you request.

Pricing starts as low as $199/month, and varies based on the number of remote incidents, packaged hours, and size and complexity of the network.

Remote Tech Support

Dynamic Computing

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