Meet Our Team

Without a doubt, Dynamic Computing’s greatest strength is our excellent, dedicated team.  As a company, we strive to deliver IT services in a way that is unique to IT companies.  Our goal is to make you feel like you’re not calling a tech support line, but rather an extension of your own organization that can assist and guide you through your IT challenges to a quick and efficient resolution.

We do this by focusing on you – the client – not just the computer or device.  We think you’ll find our approach refreshing and you’ll see from our bios below, that our backgrounds include business and technology, ensuring that we can make technology work for you (and your business).

Read more about our team below:

Noelle Marchesini

Operations Coordinator

Dynamic Computing

Noelle is our newest team member, and we’re excited to welcome her into our newest position, Operations Coordinator.

She was born in Eugene, Oregon but grew up in the cute maritime town of Gig Harbor, Washington. She graduated from Western Washington University with a B.S. in Kinesiology and worked previously as a physical therapy aide. Having done that, she is well versed in the art of mass scheduling, which we are really excited about!

Noelle was scuba certified when she was 12 years old as a result of many tropical traveling trips growing up. Nowadays, she enjoys hiking, baking, listening to etymology podcasts, reading mystery novels, and knitting. If you get a chance to chat with her, be sure to ask her about the Round Rock Contest that her and her family participates – and wins – in every year!

Brendan McPherson

Service Technician

Dynamic Computing

Brendan, one of our newest Service Technicians, has endless enthusiasm, patience, and positivity. Pair that with his A.S. in Computer Networking (and certification for Computer Network Support) from Bellingham Technical College, and we know that you will be in good hands when working with him!

Brendan is from (north)west Philadelphia, born and raised, but moved to Bellingham when he was 20, so he feels right at home here in the PNW. A fun fact about Brendan is that he was a professional musician – he produced a few albums and toured all over Canada with his band.

In his spare time, you can find Brendan on a spontaneous adventure (hiking, backpacking, or roadtrips preferred!), playing D&D or Overwatch, or sampling from his two favorite food groups: beer and garlic bread.



PJ Scalisi

Lead Service Technician

Dynamic Computing

PJ, another of our new Service Technicians, moved all the way from Birmingham, AL to work with us here in Seattle, so if you get a phone call from a tech with a Southern accent, that’s him!

PJ received his A.S. in Computer Science from Jefferson State Community College and comes to us having held a very similar position at another IT firm for the last five and a half years, so we know that he has the all the right knowledge and skills to fit right in here.

Being from the complete opposite side of the US from Seattle, you’ll find that PJ is incredibly excited to live in the beautiful PNW. On weekends you’ll find him hiking, camping, and enjoying some good beer!

Max Stein

Service Technician

Dynamic Computing

Max was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, growing up in a rainy town called Hilo, and now resides in Kent, WA. In Hawaii, Max attended an immersion school called Ke Kula o Nāwahīokalani’ōpu’u (don’t worry, we don’t know how to pronounce it either) and graduated with his diploma a year early. He started his self-taught technical career as a help desk technician and worked his way up to systems administrator for a retreat center.

In his spare time, you’ll find Max gaming, hiking or catching up on the latest tech thing. If you ever run into him outside of work, he’ll most likely be exploring the Pacific North West and what it has to offer with his girlfriend.

As his mother likes to say, “if there’s a problem, there’s a solution”. Max believes he is the solution and has a strong desire to push his own boundaries. With this mindset, we are sure he will meet and beat expectations.

Rian Tervet

Service Technician

Dynamic Computing

Rian Tervet has been part of the Dynamic Computing family for just over a year now, starting in of September of 2015.

Rian’s background in IT sparked through his dad’s interest in computers, which led Rian to explore the world of computer building. He later attended Renton Technical College for Computer Networks Technology and also studied Java Programming. Previous to joining our team, Rian was a Help Desk Agent at Bellevue College, so he is no stranger to this line of work. He is looking forward to gaining new experiences through us.

Dog lovers will be happy to hear that Rian has two adorable pups: Stinky the Beagle and Mochi the Maltese. In his spare time, Rian likes snowboarding, bowling, camping, and rating movies on Netflix. You may see him running around with Jeff, one of our Project Engineers; they’ve known each other for over 15 years!

Isaac Norberg

Service Manager

Dynamic Computing

Isaac joined our team in early 2015 as a Service Technician. You wouldn’t know it, though, by how effortlessly he has become an integral part of our team and moved up through the ranks!

Isaac’s previous experience was as a Help Desk Technician at a local non-profit where he assisted users with a variety of computer, server, network, and printer issues, so he is no stranger to our line of work. He has an Associate degree in Network Technology from ITT Technical Institute. Isaac is also an active duty veteran from the US Army with 2 deployments under his belt.

When not diligently troubleshooting customer issues at work, you can find Isaac lending a helping hand with his friends and family’s cranky devices (doesn’t he get enough of that here?), getting some target practice in at the shooting range, PC gaming, or spending time with his wonderful wife and daughters.

Jason Metcalfe

Systems Engineer

Dynamic Computing

Jason is a Systems Engineer on our escalation team. This means that he deals with less of the day-to-day tickets and more of the complex tickets that need a comprehensive touch. We like to think of Jason as our “Office Connoisseur” and we think that you’ll see that this absolutely extends to his support of your office’s technology.

A transplant from across the country, Jason moved to Seattle from Texas in 2009 (don’t you need a visa for that?), and prior to working at Dynamic Computing Jason spent his days doing on-site hardware and software support at Boeing.  Needless to say, he’s excited by the quick commute and change of pace in being at a small company.

If he’s not at work, you’re likely to find Jason somewhere around Seattle’s music or festival scene, possibly with a beer in hand and if you’re lucky, maybe he’ll even let you taste the “good stuff” that he brewed himself!

William Ashinhurst

Project & Engineering Associate

Dynamic Computing

Will is our new Project and Engineering Associate, his job involves assisting with all our monitoring tickets and the back-end engineering tasks to ensure all our processes flow smoothly.

Will was born in Bellingham, moved around to Salt Lake City and New Orleans before the age of 12, then finally settling back in Bellingham. Like many of our team members, Will got an early start on college, attending while he was still in High School. He graduated with a Certificate in Computer Network Support and an Associates Degree in Computer Networking. Will’s work history has not always been in the tech field, he’s also had jobs doing inventory management, unloading freight trucks and washing pipe fittings.

In his spare time, Will likes to build a new computer at least once every 2 years, read, work on completing his collection of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and keep up with all the “geek shows” (his words!).

Jeff Adams

Project Engineer

Dynamic Computing

Jeff joined Dynamic Computing in 2012 and has quickly become one of our most valuable assets. He is a Project Engineer, which means that he spends more time doing what he particularly enjoys: overseeing complex issues and changes, planning them from the start through to resolution, and learning more about the ever-changing world of new technology.

Prior to his current role, Jeff worked to support the internal desktop systems at Microsoft, providing both hardware and software support.  Jeff holds a degree in computer networking from Renton Technical College, and if you catch him outside of the office, there’s a good chance he’ll be up in the mountains snowboarding or hiking, or possibly “striking” out at the bowling alley.

John Davignon

Project Engineer

Dynamic Computing

John has been a great addition to the Dynamic Computing team, moving to Seattle from Maine in early 2012.  John’s role is as one of our Project Engineers, which means that he oversees big changes like new systems, offices, moves, and most importantly, new client onboarding.

John brings over 10 years of experience working for two different IT services companies in the northeast and has a degree in Communications from the University of Southern Maine.  If John’s not at the office, you may find him doing any number of outdoor activities such as running, hiking, mountain biking or kayaking, or possibly working on a new homebrew beer recipe (which we’re hoping he lets us sample).

Lydia Wang

Solutions Coordinator

Dynamic Computing

Lydia started with Dynamic Computing in May of 2015 as our Solutions Coordinator, joining a brand new team we’d just formed.  Lydia helps our clients with product selection, quotes, IT Reviews, and helps out with a variety of other things that we inevitably ask her to do.  She also takes her new position as office prankster very seriously.

Lydia was previously a Catering Sales Manager for the Woodland Park Zoo’s catering company and has also held positions with various event planning companies and even a local matchmaking service.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina.

If you ask Lydia where she is from, she will say, “All over!” as she has lived many places, including Taiwan, North Carolina, Oregon, and southwest Washington before moving to Seattle.  In her newfound spare time, Lydia likes to collect as many recipes as she can, hang out with her fiance and their corgi named Enoki (like the mushroom!) and catch up on her favorite TV shows.

Chris Starr

Solutions Specialist

Dynamic Computing

Chris joined Dynamic Computing in early 2014 (the same day as Breanna!), and has quickly become known as the lovable office jokester.  As our Solutions Specialist, Chris helps our clients integrate new products and technologies into their business and plans and coordinates major transitions like moves, expansions and upgrades.

Chris joined us after working in the customer service department of a large international video game company.  Chris was their go-to guy for helping with networking issues that the other technicians were stumped by.  We enjoy giving him a few stumpers of our own these days, as we’re expanding his knowledge about new problems and technologies every day.

Chris has a degree in Computer Security and Network Technology from Lake Washington Technical College.  If you find Chris outside of the office, you’re likely to find him with a book in his hand, possibly while working on a computer (he’s been playing with them since he was five).  He’s also an avid video gamer and die-hard Hawks fan.

Christian Cogan

Finance & Reporting Manager

Dynamic Computing

Christian is our new Finance and Reporting Manager and his role (drumroll, please) – you’ve guessed it – has to do with all things finance and reporting.  He’s the numbers guy, and that’s why we like him.

Christian is a distinguished alumnus of Washington State’s most infamous liberal arts college. He spent several years supporting endeavors in film, graphic design, print and web publishing before transitioning to companies specializing in intensive service-oriented business models. Despite his self-described allegiance as a non-discriminatory ‘citizen of the west coast’, he and his family have called Seattle home for more than a decade. When not concerned with the heavy lifting of financial excellence he is most often obsessing over 50s and 60s science-fiction and horror movies, vintage detective literature and his curated collection of Hawaiian tiki mugs.

Katrin Iversen

HR & Operations Manager

Dynamic Computing

Kat jumped in head first to the Dynamic Computing team in spring of 2014.  As our HR & Operations Manager, her focus is keeping our team and operations moving forward in the right direction.  Kat also oversees our administrative and operational processes and is responsible for keeping our clients satisfied as close to 100% of the time as humanly possible.

Kat is a northwest native (she’d like to say she’s a Seattle native, but we all know that Bellevue doesn’t count), and a fellow UW graduate (go Dawgs!) with a degree in Sociology.  When she’s not “herding IT guys”, you’re likely to find her in her garden or kitchen working on a new creation, exploring new places (or maybe familiar ones), or continuing her quest to find the world’s best bloody mary.

Russ Stewart

Vice President & IT Director

Dynamic Computing

Russ has been with Dynamic Computing since 2002, and has seen the company’s growth from just a few clients with simple networks to where we are today.  Russ’s role is to create the vision for our technical staff and provide the highest level of support for complex and challenging installations and issues that arise.  Russ is also responsible for evaluating new and improved technologies and software, and figuring out how to implement these technologies for our clients in a seamless way.

Russ has a degree in Business Administration with an Information Systems concentration from the University of Washington, and if you’re lucky enough to encounter him away from the office, he’ll likely be with his family, possibly playing one of a number of sports he participates in, or continuing his never ending search for the country’s best pizza parlor.

Kevin Gemeroy

President & CEO

Dynamic Computing

Kevin founded Dynamic Computing in 2000 during business school, and timed it perfectly – just before the .com bust!  Thankfully, we’re still here, and have somehow managed to grow and thrive through Seattle’s booms and busts.

Kevin’s role as President & CEO is focused on growing and improving our service offerings, client base, and team in order to keep our company moving forward and focused on achieving the next round of goals.  He also oversees our Business Development and Solutions Teams, ensuring that we stay focused on selecting and implementing the right solutions for our new and existing clients.

Kevin is a fourth-generation small business owner and entrepreneur, and holds degrees in both Business and Political Science from the University of Washington.  If Kevin isn’t at work, you’re likely to find him either on the golf course, chasing after his Brittany while she “hunts”, working away on his 100+ year old house, or possibly traveling to a different continent and exploring a new part of the world with his lovely wife and son in tow.