Managed IT Services

We've taken managing IT to a whole new level for small to mid-sized companies that want more than an internal IT department can provide.

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IT Transformations

We help companies modernize their IT systems, from their desktops and devices to the cloud, server closet, or data center.

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IT Consulting

From audits, to software migrations, to customized training, we offer a broad range of consulting services tailored to each client's unique needs.

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Need your team working efficiently from home, starting yesterday?

At Dynamic Computing, we specialize in helping our clients and their teams use technology to work more efficiently. We survived Seattle's Snowpocalypse in February of 2019 by transforming into a virtual company and we'll survive Coronavirus too, and be better for it. Learn more about our Covid-19 survival toolkit and how it can help your team work remotely and efficiently, starting yesterday.

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Client success stories

  • Fifteen Years & Still Growing

    Milbrandt Architects has grown from 6 to 25 employees throughout the Great Recession and the subsequent boom. They've transformed from a small office in Bellevue to a powerhouse of residential architecture on the Eastside under the leadership of their Senior Principal, Rick Tolleshaug.

    From office moves, to system upgrades, to scaling to support their growth, Milbrant Architects has undergone major changes to every aspect of their business and IT infrastructure.

    Read about Milbrandt's journey and how Dynamic Computing has been right by their side for over 15 years, helping to make their dream a reality.

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  • From skeptics to believers

    Pacific West Construction & Maintenance didn't see the value in having great IT after dealing with one too many mediocre managed IT service providers.

    Dynamic Computing took the time to understand their business and goals and put the right solutions in place starting on day one.

    The result transformed their perspective and their technology, enabling their team of 75 to work in ways they'd only dreamed of.

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  • NYC to SEA in < 53 days

    Malaria No More had less than two months to modernize their IT infrastructure and prepare for an IT migration as they moved their headquarters from New York City to Seattle.

    With 25 people spread across locations in three states and four countries, they couldn't afford downtime or delays.

    Dynamic Computing pulled off the impossible and rebuilt their entire IT infrastructure in record time.

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Client success stories

  • We’ve tripled in size in the past five years, and Kevin and his team worked right alongside us. Dynamic Computing scaled their services to our growth, making sure we had exactly what we needed to work seamlessly at as a team. They set us up for success.

    Rick Tolleshaug, Senior Principal Architect / Milbrandt Architects

  • They create custom solutions to our business’s unique challenges, and we truly feel like their team is an extension of ours.

    Zack Hill, CEO / Pacific West Construction & Maintenance

  • We leave our IT in Dynamic Computing’s strong and very capable hands, so we can spend more time on our organization’s priorities.

    Linley Kirkwood, Operations Officer / Malaria No More

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