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Behind every thriving business lies a robust IT infrastructure that keeps operations optimized for success. From phone and email to finance and project management, your business runs on IT. That’s why strong business IT support enables you to automate your operations, organize your workplace, and increase your company’s overall efficiency, so you can focus on your offering not the next IT ‘situation.’ Reliable IT support means you can think less about day-to-day operations and more about long-term strategy.

The success of your company depends on successful IT.

This starts with a well-established business IT support solution that can keep your IT system operating at peak capacity. Without it, your systems are vulnerable to corruption, misappropriation, and a variety of catastrophic failures that will cripple your business and decimate your brand. From the smallest startups to the largest corporations, business IT support is critical to the infrastructure and health of your company.

That’s where Dynamic Computing lives. Our professional business IT support team partners with you to keep your operations on track so your team can focus on business and strategic objectives.

IT Business Services & Why It Matters

When IT systems work well, you hardly notice them. When they’re broken, they’re all you think about.

It’s a simple fact that IT services are essential to the healthy functioning of your business. You need business IT support that attends to your unique approach and objectives. That means a top-tier IT service provider must be capable of providing premium IT solutions for businesses that allow you to adapt and evolve in pursuit of each and every ambitious goal.

With that, there are four major ways that businesses acquire IT support.

  1. The outsourced IT guy. Outsourcing your IT work to an individual outside your company is the cheapest and most bare-bones level of service you can get. That individual will work as an independent contractor providing IT support for several different businesses, and ultimately your IT systems will be fully reliant on him to function. If he can’t solve your issue, you’re out of luck.
  2. The outsourced IT shop. This solution involves an external company with multiple employees, and it immediately provides your company with a boost in both quality and reliability. With better systems in place to handle workloads, data logs, and most other processes, they are much better equipped to provide that IT business support for your team. However, their smaller size and limited capacity will regularly divert their attention to other clients and projects. Your company will rarely be their top priority at any given time.
  3. The internal IT guy. As companies grow, we often see them hire their own full-time employee to provide business tech support. This internal employee is dedicated to only handling IT services for your business. However, you still have to deal with the fallout when they don’t have expertise on a given issue. You’ll also see major gaps in coverage when that person needs sick days or leaves on vacation. You’re entirely dependent on one individual. This results in worse business IT support overall.
  4. The managed IT service provider (MSP). While similar in appearance to the IT shop, an MSP takes a different approach. They have dozens of employees, allowing them to dedicate far more time and specialization to your unique business IT support needs. This solution provides the best and most consistent service for your company without the need to invest in an expensive and inexperienced internal team.

Your company should run like a well-oiled machine. To make that happen, you need a pit crew of reliable specialists who know your system and can tackle every need. Without it, your company will run deeper and deeper into a tangled web of bugs, outages, and vulnerabilities that bring your workplace to a grinding halt. You need assurance that your business is protected, stable, and efficient with the best IT support it can get. That’s exactly why we’re here.

Common Business IT Solutions

The right business IT solution largely comes down to the size and stage of your business. Here’s a breakdown of how that generally looks:

  • Just starting out. Most businesses in the earliest stages of operation opt for the individual outsourced IT guy. With budget prices and an offering of basic, as-needed IT business services, he can provide the framework needed to get the business off the ground.
  • Small and stable. As the employee count begins to hit double digits, businesses begin to see the outsourced IT shop as a better option. The cost is still relatively low, and it provides access to some increased security options, superior problem-solving capabilities, and a more consistent IT business support It’s not as reliable as an MSP and is less involved than an internal IT department, but it’s capable of providing business IT support for a moderate workload.
  • Mid-sized, growing, scaling, and secure. As soon as a company starts scaling, it’s time to bring on a managed IT service provider. MSPs are the best equipped to carry a business through that growth process, provide business tech support, and enable the company to press forward with the highest levels of security, stability, and confidence. This is the choice made by the most successful growing businesses.
  • Large and mature. For companies with hundreds of employees, it can sometimes be beneficial to consider hiring an internal IT department. While this process can take upwards of a year to complete, it ensures you have a dedicated team at your disposal that becomes intimately familiar with every aspect of your system and can consistently monitor all your business IT solutions. However, the initial and long-term costs can only be sustained by a company that has money to spare, and the benefits are largely indistinguishable from those of an MSP.

Determining where your business falls in size, maturity, and strategy is the first step to establishing an effective IT support solution. As an established MSP, Dynamic Computing has the technical expertise and business experience necessary to partner in the IT space and support your business and leadership needs.

  • Dynamic Computing is a strategic part of our future. Their IT services are on point, and I expect our partnership will only get better and better.

    Lana Floyd, Managing Partner / Ellis, Li & McKinstry PLLC

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What Are Your IT Problems?

As a business leader, you don’t have time to worry about every detail of your IT business solutions. You need a trusted IT partner who will help you make informed decisions. That’s why, as an IT services business, Dynamic Computing begins with a comprehensive and foundational IT assessment.

First, we conduct an extensive assessment consult, survey your staff, and set up an interview with your senior leadership team. We will then conduct a full survey of your current IT setup and document everything we can find that runs on your network.

With that information, we will audit the entire system, review every potential security risk and inefficiency, and assemble an action plan. Once it’s complete, we’ll teach you its inner workings and lay out an IT business services roadmap and two-year budget to ensure that you’re equipped to achieve your long-term goals.

Growth begins with knowledge. Dynamic Computing gives you the information you need to make executive decisions that push your business forward.

Do You Know About These Long-Term Problems?

Inevitably, companies that choose to neglect IT services see declines in efficiency, security, and reputation. Without strong IT business support, there will always be the looming risk of equipment crashes, software glitches, service outages, and other crises. You can’t afford that.

Watch the news cycle. Even the biggest corporations are vulnerable without proper business IT solutions. Not all press is good press.

Consider the risks if any of these issues hit your business:

  • System crashes. Every hour your system is offline is another hour of lost communication, lost client relationship development, and lost revenues.
  • If your employees are working with aging IT systems, they’re spending more time doing the same work as their competitor counterparts. There’s no way to get ahead when you’re falling further and further behind.
  • Security risks. The older the IT system, the more exposed your data is. It’s that simple. You wouldn’t use an antique lock on your home’s front door. Don’t use dated security measures on your company’s most important information.
  • Your business is only as strong as your customers’ trust in you. The moment your clients’ security is breached or your offices stop functioning, your reputation is in danger. It takes time to earn trust but only a moment to lose it.
  • Inability to achieve business objectives. When your staff doesn’t have the tools or training needed to operate effectively, your outcomes suffer.

Poor infrastructure means imprecise tools, lackluster training, and laboriously slow results. Your employees are forced to battle technology in addition to tackling their own projects. Morale plummets. Problems take far longer to resolve. Bugs are nearly impossible to locate. And, inevitably, your employees are held back by an arbitrary wall that keeps them from doing their best work.

Businesses that can’t maintain an efficient work environment see higher rates of burnout and staff turnover, leaving you spending precious time and money on hiring and training rather than on planning for the next big endeavor.

A healthy company starts with a healthy IT system, and that system requires top-tier business IT support in order to function at its best.

Let’s Get IT Started

With Dynamic Computing, you can grow your business with confidence knowing that your IT system is more than capable of handling the load. Our IT services for businesses are the backbone of many of Seattle’s most successful companies, and our processes are at the top of their class.

No matter what your specific needs are, we will provide a thorough examination of your system and give you exactly what you need. This is no one-size-fits-all plan. It’s a tailored, actionable roadmap capable of guiding your business for years to come.

Contact us today and let’s get IT started.

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