Dynamic Computing is looking for a new IT Help Desk Manager!

Dynamic Computing is a leading Managed IT Service Provider to small companies located in the Puget Sound region and beyond.  We’re a small but growing company that is focused on being the best Managed IT Service Provider in the Seattle area.

Our team of 14 needs the right person to help take us to the next level.  We’re looking forward to adding a great new member to our team and thanks in advance for considering coming to work for us.

Our Service Team handles the routine remote and on-site IT support requests for over 35 companies and organizations across the Puget Sound region.  The team’s focus is on supporting the day-to-day IT needs of these companies in an efficient and proactive manner, including training, system documentation, and onboarding of new clients.

What kind of person are we looking for?

  • The Team Leader & Motivator – First and foremost, you’ll be leading the charge for our service team.  The Service Team’s work varies from routine help desk tickets to new equipment installs to onboarding new clients, and it’s important to keep our team of five excited, uplifted, and motivated every single day.
  • A Teacher & Mentor – Our Service Technicians are absolutely our “farm team”, and we’re regularly opening new doors and creating new opportunities for our most successful Service Techs to move into new and exciting roles in the company.  We need you to be the guy or gal who will help pick them, teach them, grow them, and then hand them off to your co-managers who will continue your hard work.
  • The Conductor – Balancing technical problems, new installations, service SLAs, and more requires the finesse of a symphony’s conductor.  It’ll be your job to keep tabs on all of the moving parts to ensure they work together in harmony.
  • A Wrangler – We pride ourselves on service excellence.  We need someone that can establish good rapport with our key client contacts, help them see the bigger picture, and lead them to the right solution, even if it is different than their initial request.  It will be your job to discuss service issues with clients, lead them to the best solution and keep your team up to speed.
  • The Rock – Think more like the Rock of Gibraltar as opposed to Dwayne Johnson (although the latter might come in handy from time to time as well).  We’ll need you to be the strong, stable, and consistent force that’s impossible to miss, whose mere presence manages to lead our service team and keep everyone in line.
  • A Problem Detective – One of the main focuses for our service team is to ensure we solve problems comprehensively rather than just closing tickets quickly.  As we operate primarily on a fixed fee revenue model, it’s incredibly important that we sniff out the problems quickly, fix them permanently, and ensure that our team knows exactly what we did to figure it out and make it go away once and for all.
  • A Process Creator – Our service team is only as good as our written procedures are, especially since we’re regularly hiring and training new Service Technicians.  You need to be that guy or gal that can whip out a KB article like a pro, and most importantly, the one that can create procedures that are simple, consistent, and incredibly effective.

So what will I be doing every day?

  • Service Management – (Clearly, since that’s the name of the job!)  To us, that means reviewing new client service requests, managing your team’s schedules and load, ensuring that tickets have been correctly assigned to the right technician, and most importantly are being handled in the right way.  This will be your top priority and the thing that you’ll be doing each and every day, even though it’ll only be a fraction of your day’s work.
  • Complex Technical Issue Guidance & Mentoring – You’ll be the guy or gal our service team approaches when they need help.  You’ll work hand in hand with our Lead Service Technician to handle the tough issues, whether they be technical, customer service, or procedural in nature.  You’ll have the final say on how to best handle them and will be responsible for ensuring the customer is happy with the solution we deliver at the end of the day.  Note this requires ample prior experience in Tier 2+ IT technical support, preferably working with multiple clients (preferably who have < 100 employees).
  • Training & Development – We need you be the teacher, mentor, and trainer for our new and existing Service Technicians to help them continue to learn and grow.  You’ll be responsible for overseeing and improving our technical training program, making sure our new hires know everything about the client environments they’ll be supporting, teaching them our techniques and procedures, and helping them learn to keep track of their time and work via our service management system.  And it doesn’t stop there – we’d like you to take it to the next level and oversee the development of group trainings, client-focused trainings, and a more formal certification program for our technicians.
  • New Client Onboarding – We’ve got an excellent and incredibly detailed process for onboarding new clients.  We’re excited to hand it off to you continue improving upon.  Most importantly, we want to make sure that your team does an amazing job of onboarding our new clients, which means investigating and documenting the heck out of literally every little nook and cranny of their IT systems, ensuring we can do an amazing job of supporting them from day one.
  • Schedule & Operations – You’ll work with our Operations Team (which handles scheduling and administration among other things) to ensure our clients’ needs are met in a timely fashion.  This includes monitoring and escalating tickets, ensuring that higher-level tickets and needs are directed to the correct people, and re-directing your team to higher-priority items when necessary.
  • Service Ticket Coverage – There will be times when our service team needs a hand.  And not just any hand – an experienced hand who knows how to get stuff knocked out and done quickly.  We’ll need you to pay attention to when this is needed, and to be the one to jump in and help out when your service team is drowning.
  • Interdepartmental Collaboration – You’ll work closely with our Engineering and Project Teams, as well as our Operations Team to ensure that we’re all on the same page and moving forward in the right direction, improving our collective operations and procedures as we go.
  • SLA Management – You will oversee our SLAs to ensure that our service team is addressing all tickets in a timely fashion in order to meet our contractual obligations.  You’ll also responsible for taking proactive measures to avoid SLA breach and/or deal with it expeditiously on the rare occasion when it happens.
  • Service Roadmap Creation/Management – You’ll have your own departmental roadmap to build and manage, ensuring that we stay one step ahead of the game.  We’ll be reviewing it regularly and setting goals for your team to achieve quarterly.  The best part of all is that you’ll work with your fellow managers to integrate your team’s goals together with other departments to ensure we stay on track to achieve our company’s overall goals in record time!

What are the requirements for this position?

Here is a list of our “must-haves” in a Help Desk Manager:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to train new employees on verbal and written communication best practices.
  • Very detail oriented and organized – this position manages the day-to-day functions of our service team.  Your team members will rely on you to have an answer to their question or be able to find one quickly.  A good memory and knack for details and organization will greatly benefit our team.
  • Extremely customer-focused – this position needs to be hyper-focused on our clients’ needs.  We need you to be able to understand those unique needs, deploy the right people to assist, and ensure those needs are met while exceeding their expectations every single day.
  • Possesses a high level of integrity / honesty – this position will be setting the example for their team and needs to set a high bar for how to handle mistakes, which will inevitably happen.  Teaching others how to acknowledge, own, and resolve their mistakes will be critical.
  • Reliable – sets the standard for reliability and timeliness for the entire service team.
  • Challenging yet supportive – someone who sets the bar very high for their team, but is also willing to take the time and put in the effort to help them get there.
  • Excellent technical knowledge – solid understanding of computer systems, networks, and services we provide are critical to this position.  Prior experience as a level 2 IT support technician (or higher) is an absolute requirement for this role.
  • 2 Year Technical (Associate’s) Degree required; 4 Year (Bachelor’s) preferred.  Preferably in IT/Systems Administration/Networking/Business Administration with coursework in accounting, operations, and/or management along with the requisite technical courses in desktops, servers, networking, etc.  You’ll likely be asked to take supplemental or refresher coursework if you lack the necessary background in these areas.  (The good news is we’re a very helpful group when it comes to stuff like this).
  • 5 Years minimum experience in IT Support roles with significant growth/ownership over responsibilities required.  Prior management experience strongly preferred.

What do I get for all of my hard work?

Good question!  Here’s the scoop on the compensation/benefits for this position:

  • Salary – The position will carry a starting salary of $60k – $90k/year depending on qualifications and experience.  After a few months, you’ll be eligible to participate in our bonus program, which rewards you for the company’s performance, and your individual contributions.  Benefits will begin the first of the month following hire.
  • Medical – We pay 100% of your medical insurance! (We’re not kidding). You’ll also have the option of adding on your spouse/partner and children, and we’ll pay 50% of their coverage.  We’ll also make a contribution to your HSA account, and we’d encourage you to do the same (not to mention that you get a tax break for doing so).
  • Disability – We also pay 100% of the cost of a short and long term disability insurance policy for you – it ensures that you continue to receive income if you get hurt and are unable to work.
  • Retirement – We provide a Simple IRA retirement plan, matched dollar per dollar for up to the first 3% of your salary.
  • Paid holidays – You’ll get paid for 9 holidays without even showing up to work! You’ll get to pick either MLK or President’s Day, plus Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & following Friday, two days at Christmas, and New Year’s Day.
  • Additional PTO – You get 20 additional paid personal days off per year – you can use them if you’re sick or for a vacation or two.  And the best part is your PTO grows as your experience with the company grows.
  • Transit Pass – You’ll get an ORCA card that entitles you to free transit on the bus, train, light rail and more that you can use to get to work (and for your personal use).

How do I apply?

Please submit your resume and cover letter via application at https://dyncomputing.applytojob.com/apply. No phone calls or recruiters please.  If you’re serious about this job, please tell us “why” you’re the person we’re looking for.  We’re looking forward to learning more about you!

Thanks for taking the time to read our novel of a job posting.  We hope you are as excited about this opportunity as we are!