Dynamic Computing is looking for an IT Project Manager!

Dynamic Computing is a leading Managed IT Service Provider to small companies located in the Puget Sound region and beyond.  We’re a small but growing company that is focused on being the premier Managed IT Service Provider in the Seattle area.

We’re looking forward to adding a great new member to our team.  Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Remote First: Dynamic Computing has adopted a remote first approach.  We believe this to be a strategic advantage and continue to innovate on new ways technology can improve how we do business and help our clients.  The IT project manager position will be a hybrid role primarily remote, but with in-person requirements as needed.

What kind of person are we looking for?

  • A Team Leader – You’ll be responsible for leading and managing the project team towards innovation, excellence, progress, and execution.  You recognize the value of teamwork and regularly support and influence team members to perform at their best.
  • Experienced Implementor – You’ve been around the technology block on countless occasions and know intuitively when to zig vs when to zag.  No matter what the scenario, you have solid real-world experience to help guide yourself and your team down a path to success.
  • A Teacher & Mentor – Our project team includes some of our most experienced technicians and are often on the front lines of what is new or challenging. You’ll need to ensure that knowledge gained gets shared within your team but also to other technical employees.
  • A Project Wrangler – Who has ever heard of a project taking longer than expected? You’ve seen it all and know the various roadblocks that can cause issues getting a project completed.  Your customer skills are top notch, and you know how to keep other vendors on task.  As the project team leader, you have the skills to maneuver through obstacles to get projects pushed to completion.
  • The Innovator – Project often requires strategic thinking and innovation to meet budget. You thrive when dropped into a new situation no matter how challenging and know how to leverage your technical and customer service skills to provide creative solutions that meet both the customer needs and existing technology standards.
  • The Priority Tactician – Five new projects were just approved, three of them need handoff meetings because of their complexity, there’s already a three-month lead time on existing projects and you hear rumblings about a new customer onboarding that might be starting soon, and your week is already scheduled out with onsite project work and remote follow ups. Just another day as you effectively work with your team members to identify time sensitive items, hit deadlines and schedule next steps avoid dropping the ball on key objectives.
  • Calm, Cool, and Collected – You’ve got it – no matter what “it” is!  Your ability to keep your client service and communication skills polished when challenging situations arise will be key to ensuring ongoing client satisfaction.

So what will I be doing every day?

Below is a list of the day-to-day areas of responsibility.  You won’t be responsible for all of them right from the outset – you’ll be working with other members of our team and your responsibility will increase over time.

  • Team Manager/Leader – You’ll set the tone for your team during regular team meetings and recurring one on one conversations with each team member.  You know and understand the key metrics that lead to success and regularly influence your team members to achieve them.  You’ll be mindful and contribute towards the larger company culture, goals, and vision.
  • Project Management & Implementation – You’ll lead the charge in scoping, prioritizing, and implementing projects and ensuring project goals are being completed accurately, on schedule and high customer satisfaction.  You’ll also ensure documentation is updated as needed and communication is happening with clients and other teams.
  • New Client Onboarding – Our most challenging and most rewarding projects are new client onboarding and related project work.  While new client onboarding will be a collaborative effort from every department, you will own and manage the process and keep everyone in sync, and make sure everything gets completed, including updating the process with improvements for the next time through.
  • Hiring/Training – You’ll play a key role in selecting new team members as well as ongoing training and mentoring.
  • Process Improvement – As a team leader and a technology expert you’ll identify broken processes and work diligently to improve them.  This includes best practices for technical process, tools used, and feedback to other teams on documentation and related project work.
  • Cross Department Communication – You’ll be the team liaison for process and technical changes between teams.  You’ll specifically have ownership in feedback loops to our solutions team to improve quoting and scoping as well as the process for handing off approved projects.  In addition, you’ll manage scheduling for project on site work and assistance from members of other technical teams.
  • Tools, Documentation and Best Practices – You’ll have ownership over best practices for how routine project work needs to be done and any tools needed to make the work effective.  You’ll also ensure documentation standards are met and improved overtime for both project team training and customer systems.

What are the requirements for this position?

Here is a list of our “must-haves” for the IT Project Manager:

  • Possesses a high level of integrity / honesty – In a small company, each team member relies on their team to complete their job effectively.  Mistakes will always be made and are part of how we all grow.  It’s very important to us to ensure that those mistakes are recognized, admitted, and resolved as quickly as possible when they occur.  We don’t expect perfection but do expect honesty 100% of the time.
  • Helpful – Always willing to assist others in a positive manner.  This is a back-end support position in nature, so we need someone who’s willing to help others and be flexible to change the order of their tasks based on constantly changing priorities.  You’ll have to be an expert at multi-tasking with the ability to drop what you’re doing to attend to urgent issues that may arise.
  • Challenging yet supportive – someone who sets the bar very high for their team but is also willing to take the time and put in the effort to help them get there.
  • Reliable – sets the standard for reliability and timeliness for the entire service team.
  • Excellent technical knowledge – solid understanding of computer systems, networks, and services we provide are critical to this position.  Prior experience as a level 2 IT support technician (or higher) is an absolute requirement for this role.
  • Project experience – A track record of successful project experience, hitting deadlines, communicating with clients and delivering scoped work at or below budget
  • 7 years of applicable IT experience – preferably working for an MSP/IT Service Provider primarily handling customer facing tickets, projects, or escalations.
  • 4 Year (Bachelor’s) preferred.  AA or Technical degree in Information Systems, IT administration, Networking, or equivalent experience
  • Significant Windows Server and networking experience, including Group Policy Management, Azure AD, Office365 administration, SharePoint Online administration, and Exchange Online administration.
  • Scripting and automation experience in multiple languages including but not limited to PowerShell, visual basic script, windows command line, and Kaseya.
  • Experience working in an ITSP/MSP environment and designing scalable, manageable, and efficient solutions and standards for a variety of IT environments. Experience administering an RMM platform is a plus.
  • Experience administering firewalls, networking equipment and wireless systems including certifications.

What do I get for all my hard work?

Good question!  Here’s the scoop on this position:

  • Money – The compensation for this position is market competitive and will be dependent upon experience and expertise.  After a few months, you’ll be eligible for our bonus program, which gives you the opportunity to earn an additional 10% of your salary each quarter.
  • Time – We’d like 40 hours/week from you.  It might be 45 some weeks, but hopefully not too often.  We’ll try our best not to have it hit 50.  And you’ll keep a roughly business hours schedule (we’re open 8:30 am – 5:00 pm).
  • Medical – We pay 100% of your medical insurance! (We’re not kidding). We’ll also contribute to your HSA account after you’ve been here for 6 months, and we’d encourage you to do the same (not to mention that you get a tax break for doing so).
  • Disability – We also pay 100% of the cost of a short and long-term disability insurance policy for you – it ensures that you continue to receive income if you get hurt and are unable to work.
  • Retirement – We provide a Simple IRA retirement plan, matched dollar per dollar for up to the first 3% of your salary, and you’ll become eligible after 6 months of employment.
  • Paid holidays – You’ll get paid for 9 holidays without even showing up to work! You’ll get to pick either MLK or President’s Day, plus Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & following Friday, two days at Christmas, and New Year’s Day.
  • Additional PTO – You get 15 additional paid personal days off per year – you can use them if you’re sick or for a vacation.
  • Transit Pass – You’ll get an ORCA card that entitles you to free transit on the bus, train, light rail and more that you can use to get to work (and for your personal use).

How do I apply?

Please submit your resume and cover letter via application at https://dyncomputing.applytojob.com/apply. No phone calls or recruiters please.  If you’re serious about this job, please tell us “why” you’re the person we’re looking for.  We’re looking forward to learning more about you!

Thanks for taking the time to read our novel of a job posting.  We hope you are as excited about this opportunity as we are!