Our Operations Team creates a backbone of client communication, office administration and process improvement that supports the rest of the office. We need a team member who can totally ace the basics and loves making our clients feel right at home.

What kind of person are we looking for?

  • A Communications Guru– You’ll be the first point of contact with our clients, and you’ll be communicating with our team members regularly. You need to have amazing written and verbal communications skills, as you’ll be using them constantly.
  • More than a Little OCD– Managing IT for small companies means managing a symphony of details.  Ensuring that our clients’ service requests are entered and assigned correctly and all of the communication between our team and our clients is logged into our ticketing system requires someone who is obsessed about getting the details right (in a good kind of way).
  • The Client Whisperer – Customer Service needs to be your thing.  You’ll be the voice of our company to our clients, and you need to be cool as a cucumber when issues arise and sharp as a knife in trying to figure out what they really need, when it needs to be addressed, and what they expect from us.
  • An Agent of Change– You will be working with our Operations Manager to continually move things forward and make this a better place.  That means asking yourself what things we need to improve, and being motivated and able to kick in the afterburners when needed to get things done!
  • A Swiss Watch– We need you to tick and tock like the best-oiled machine around.  We’ll count on you to be here on time and ready to go to get our service team started for the day.
  • Jack/Jill of All Trades– You need to have a knack for being good at anything you put your mind to.  You’ll have your fingers in customer service, administration, and anything that comes up unexpectedly on a day-to-day basis.
  • A Tech Addict – You don’t need to have IT experience for this job(althoughit certainly doesn’t hurt).  But you do need to like technology.  If you don’t know the difference between your mouse and your iPhone, this isn’t the right position for you.  The right candidate for this job will truly enjoy technology and want to learn new and exciting things.
  • The Perennial Team Player– We need you to be ready and willing to help with anything at the drop of a hat.  Our service team relies on their Operations Coordinator heavily, and we need you to be excited about being a support to them and helping them complete their work and accomplish their goals.

So what will I be doing every day?

Below is a list of the day-to-day responsibilities.  This is a fairly comprehensive list of what you’ll be doing every day.  That being said, we’re a small company, and we can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll be asked to do things that seemingly have nothing to do with the items below, and that’s where it gets fun, right?

  • Phones & First Impressions.  You’ll have the great honor of being the first person our clients talk to when they contact us.  Your job will be to find out what the client needs, ask the right questions so we get the details of the problem, determine the priority of their issue, and ensure that you get the issue over to the right person to get the problem fixed the first time our clients contact us.
  • Customer Service and Client Communications. You’ll be in charge of client communications, which means letting our clients know about office closures, or anything important that might affect their day to day operations.  You’ll also assist with fielding a variety of general customer service questions that come up.  We don’t expect you to know all the answers, but we do need you to know who to get them in touch with to get their question or issue resolved.
  • Service Inbox Monitoring & Ticket Creation. You’ll also be monitoring our general mailbox and communicating with our clients through e-mail and our ticketing system.  When a new request comes in, it’ll be your responsibility to create a ticket and/or respond to it in a timely fashion.
  • Service Queue Monitoring. You’ll be monitoring our service queue throughout the day to ensure that our service team’s workload is evenly spread and manageable.  You’ll be responsible for helping our team when they’re overloaded by communicating with clients, reassigning tickets, and/or scheduling appointments to address their issues.
  • Scheduling. It’s a constant struggle to get in touch with our clients for non-critical issues.  Your job will be to pin down a time when we can address their issue, and make sure that our service team is available at that time.  You’ll also be responsible for overseeing our on-site schedule and ensuring that we schedule on-site service visits in a timely and efficient fashion that benefits our clients and our company.
  • Service Appointment Preparation.  You’ll be getting products pulled, labelled, and ready to go for our service team members that are going to on-site appointments.  It may not be the toughest part of your job, but it’s extremely important that we get it right.
  • Operational Process Improvement. An important part of your job will be working with the Operations Manager to identify areas in which service or office operations are not repeatable or efficient, and helping to create processes to improve upon them.
  • General Administrative Assistance.  This pretty much means anything and everything else that comes up.  It can vary from scanning documents, to setting up for a training, to making a pot of coffee or unloading the dishwasher.  Every company needs someone who is willing to be the jack or jill of all trades, and that’ll be you if you join our team!
  • Product Orders, Returns, and RMAs. You will be in charge of ordering, RMAs, and tracking and logistics to ensure parts are in-stock, ordered, and/or received at the appropriate time in order to have the service operations run efficiently.  You will be the default contact for maintaining the company’s relationship with key vendors. You’ll also be assisting the Finance & Reporting Manager with overseeing inventory and making sure the company’s vault of resources is in decent order.
  • General Accounting/Operational/Administrative Assistance. This pretty much means anything and everything else that comes up. You’ll be assisting the Finance & Reporting Manager with a variety of tasks supporting the daily up-keep of the business, such as assisting with invoicing(andrelated interactions with clients), keeping the company’s books up-to-date, and document management related to both A/R and A/P.

What are the requirements for this position?

Here is a list of our must-haves in an Operations and Procurement Coordinator:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to communicate professionally with both clients and team members.
  • Very detail oriented and organized– this position provides support to many different parts of our organization.  Your team members will rely on you to have an answer to their question or be able to find one quickly.  A good memory and knack for details and organization will greatly benefit our team.
  • Helpful, with a positive“can do” attitude– We’re a team, and we want you to be an integral part of it.  This means we need you to help us and we’ll help you, and we’ll all do it with smiles on our faces(atleast most of the time).
  • Hard Working– We’re a company that’s growing, changing and pushing the envelope every single day.  We’re going to expect you to work hard and focus on moving yourself and our company forward.  It’ll be worth it.  We promise.
  • Possesses a high level of integrity / honesty– We want the truth, and to hear it from you straight without all of the sugar coating.  That’s what you’ll get from us, and we expect the same in return.
  • Reliable– The entire company will be counting on you to do what you say you will – this means coming to work on time, being prepared for meetings, and being someone we can all depend on.
  • Understanding of basic accounting principles– any bookkeeping experience, along with integrity and timeliness in the fulfillment of finance-related duties, is highly desirable. QuickBooks experience preferred.
  • Bachelor’s Degree strongly preferred– preferably with a focus that involves heavy written communication.  Equivalent experience acceptable.
  • 3 Years’ minimum experience in a Customer Service/Operations role with significant growth/ownership over responsibilities required.

What do I get for all of my hard work?

Good question!  Here’s the scoop on this position:

  • Money– The salary range for this position is $35 – $60k/year depending on experience.  You’ll also be eligible for our bonus program after you’ve been here for a few months.
  • Time– We’d like 40 hours/week from you.  We don’t anticipate much more than 40 hours per week, but we may occasionally ask you to stay an extra hour or two if something important comes up.  And you’ll keep a roughly business hours’ schedule (we’re open 7:30 am – 5:00 pm).
  • Check out more of our amazing benefits!

How do I apply?

Please submit your resume and cover letter via our application. No phone calls recruiters please.  If you’re serious about this job, please tell us why you’re the person we’re looking for.  We’re looking forward to learning more about you!

Thanks for taking the time to read our novel of a job posting.  We hope you’re as excited about this opportunity as we are!