The Need for Strategic IT Consulting

Markets, politics, plans, and messages change constantly, but one thing is certain: information technology is here to stay. Managed IT services Seattle have the capacity to support your business goals and fuel your growth. That’s why strategic IT consulting is vital to your success.

Dynamic Computing’s IT consulting approach leverages the broad capacity of workplace technology and channels it to meet your strategic ends. It removes roadblocks, streamlines processes, and accelerates initiatives so you’re free to focus on the next big thing.

As Seattle’s top information technology consultants, we work with you to make your office technology a tool that directly contributes to productivity and advancement. Our job is to create a technological safe haven in a rapidly evolving world.

What to Expect from Your IT Consulting Firm

Your IT systems are a foundational mechanism by which your business operates. They shouldn’t be an afterthought. Partnering with a top-tier tech consulting firm enables you to maximize your technology resources and leverage them to meet your business goals.

But in a market saturated with self-proclaimed experts, it can be difficult to identify an IT consulting team that will turn standard tech into a strategic tool. Here’s what you should expect to see in a top-level IT consultancy:

    • Business first. A great technology consulting team starts with questions, because nothing is more important than understanding how you do business. They’ll take time to understand your structure, roles, workflows, and the needs of employees and executives. Information technology is a central element in your operations, and if your IT solutions consulting team doesn’t address your unique needs, then they’re not positioning you for long-term success.
    • Strategic planning. Your tech consulting team needs to be proactive in bringing a long-term, viable technology strategy to the table. They should take the lead in identifying opportunities to leverage technology to achieve your business goals, and they map out a plan to get you there. Most importantly, that plan works with existing strategies in order to reduce complexity and wasted resources.
    • Experience in your industry. 80% of IT is similar across all industries. Key infrastructure, tools, and security needs apply to every business operation, but it’s the 20% difference that has a massive impact on your specific team. You need an IT consulting team that’s dialed in on your industry and prepared to optimize your technology resources.
    • Proactive thinking. Your information technology consultants shouldn’t be just a phone call you make when something goes wrong. They should be your proactive planners who identify and resolve issues before they ever become problems. Look for a business technology consulting firm that has proven, proactive plans for preventing disruptive incidents such as device failures, server crashes, data loss, and security breaches.
    • Measurable results. IT is an investment, and you need an accurate, measurable assessment of how that investment is working for you. Expect your information technology consulting team to track your tech-related expenses, devices, support requests, usage levels, and security efforts and present concise, actionable data that inform your business decisions.

From start to finish, your IT systems are a necessary part of your business operations, and your IT consulting team needs to value your trust in that space. Look for a team that’s willing to partner with you and fulfill the role of dedicated CIO.

  • Dynamic Computing understands what we need to do as a law firm. They’re keenly aware of our industry regulations and licensure requirements, and they keep our office on the cutting-edge of security. They operate as part of our team to ensure confidentiality and excellence at every turn.

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Our Unique Take on Making Your IT Work Better

At Dynamic Computing, we’re committed to creating an IT strategy that directly corresponds with your business goals. We’re your inside team that takes responsibility for your IT approach and empowers you to stay on top of evolving technological needs.

That’s why we begin every engagement with an in-depth information technology strategy consulting project that we call our Foundational IT Assessment (FITA). We start by learning about your business and team and then move into your IT systems, ensuring we can hit the ground running on day one.

The FITA allows us to gain a deep understanding of your business, your people, and your existing systems. It’s essential to creating a robust, reliable IT system that addresses your needs and empowers you to achieve your objectives.

This means investigating your current systems, documenting the age and status of your equipment, surveying your teams and understanding their workflows, and recommending actionable next steps that turn your IT from a necessary hassle into a strategic asset. The FITA is a tool that allows you to make clear, fact-based decisions that position you for both near and long-term success.

The FITA sets you up for success by exposing the full IT picture, creating alignment between the executives and IT team, defining a full IT roadmap, and outlining a budget for the coming years. Here’s what that means for you:

IT Audit

Whether it’s for compliance reasons or just to stay ahead of the curve, our IT audits help identify vulnerabilities fast, preventing breaches and downtime before they happen.

Our audit includes an end-to-end assessment of your existing system, enabling us to discover any unknown equipment, provide a full risk analysis on the system, and identify weak points in security. It’s a crucial component in ensuring that your business is protected from outside threats.

Of all the risks you take as a business leader, IT security shouldn’t be one of them.

IT Alignment

At Dynamic Computing, we’re committed to being strategic players on your team. That means we work to create clarity and alignment between your executives and our IT consulting team. Your objectives are our objectives.

In the course of our assessment, we ask questions and get to know your operations so that we can create solutions tailored to your needs. We learn exactly how we can leverage IT to bolster your business, then we work with you to make it happen.

From planning to reporting to employee communication and training, we make sure your executives and our IT consulting teams are always on the same page.

IT Strategic Planning

We’ll provide a roadmap that defines next steps and brings your IT systems into alignment with your business objectives. That means transitioning your IT approach from a reactive, tactical program to a proactive, strategic system.

The roadmap identifies key outcomes and charts a clear course to achieve them, including significant milestones along the way. This high-level plan factors in your existing profitability, productivity, retention, and competitive goals and ensures that your IT system is ready to help you get there.

IT Budgeting

Dynamic Computing’s IT consulting services equip you with structured capital and operating expense budgets for your entire IT system.

By breaking out your IT budget into capital and operating expenses, we can avoid surprises and anticipate major system upgrades while maintaining day-to-day operations. That means no more compromising with duct tape solutions because a server failed at exactly the wrong moment.

Make IT Happen

When you’re leading a business, managing and advancing workplace technology systems can seem like one more thing on a long list of competing priorities. But you’re not in this alone. An IT consulting partner can take on your networks, devices, and digital data and make sure your tech takes you where you want to be.

After all, IT has the power to boost productivity, profitability, and projected success. A top-tier IT consulting team can help make that happen.

Let’s get started. Contact Dynamic Computing to begin laying the groundwork for your business’s IT success.


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