The Importance of Architecture Managed IT Services

Architecture is a business. As an architect, it’s true, you create designs that people love for their beauty and class, but you’re also the leader of your team. You’re managing the needs of employees, the expectations of clients, and the strategies for the growth of your business. You’re balancing budgets, managing HR, and making investments in people, tools, and tomorrow. That’s an awful lot.

As a strategic investment, IT is a very important and complex set of decisions that will either work with and for your strategic organizational goals or against them. Your architecture firm needs its technology to be executed with the kind of care and intentionality that you bring to the drafting table every time you get the chance to pick up the pencil.

But finding a managed IT services firm you can trust isn’t easy. You want tech experts who speak your language and understand what it takes to thrive in your industry.  That’s what we do. We start with a comprehensive assessment and work with you to craft an IT investment strategy that will pay dividends in good times and challenging ones.  And we even understand the needs of BIM and CAD workstations and the creatives that use them.

  • Dynamic Computing scaled their services to our growth, making sure we had exactly what we needed to work seamlessly at as a team. We never had to question the IT side of our growth. They set us up for success.

    Rick Tolleshaug, Senior Principal Architect / Milbrandt Architects

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IT Management for Architecture Enables Growth

Architecture is a classic craft that requires incredibly demanding modern tools, and those instruments require special attention and care.

Milbrandt Architects, a firm on Seattle’s Eastside, knows this well. Their office initially made do with the help of one tech-savvy architect who split his attention between architectural design and routine IT support. But that system didn’t allow them to excel. They needed dedicated IT management for architecture. A service that could help them leverage technology to help them achieve their corporate goals.

The firm partnered with Dynamic Computing to take on their managed IT needs. Dynamic Computing’s CEO Kevin Gemeroy recalls, “From the outset, we saw the potential for growth—not only in Milbrandt’s hardware and day-to-day management, but in how technology played a key role in their long-term strategy.”

Today, Milbrandt has the tech resources needed to create customized CAD solutions for their work. Their architects daily test the limits of their industry tech. Even better: they can do it from anywhere.

From the office to a jobsite to the kitchen table, today’s architects need to be able to connect and collaborate anytime and anywhere. Your business can’t afford to be wedded to stationary CAD workstation in your office. You need remote access that frees your team to work at full capacity, even in a pandemic.

Investing in managed IT for architecture connects your team, expands your limits, and sets you up to achieve your objectives, in the office, or right there from everyone’s living rooms.

Finding the Right Managed IT for Architecture Firms

We’ve found that there are five core architecture managed IT services that firms need to truly excel.

Monitoring. It may seem totally boring, but good IT monitoring is a key component of keeping your IT systems working consistently and preventing downtime. Our specialized software checks in on all of your network devices and tracks systems logs to find issues before they become major problems.

Remote work. Your team needs to be able to work here, there, anywhere. Making sure that every creative, admin, or principal in your firm is fully equipped to serve your clients from wherever they happen to be is a top priority.

Software and files. Keeping your software patched and up to date and your data secure is crucial to your work. We’ll keep your software current, and solid backups of all your files ready to go so you never miss a beat.

Budgeting. We get it. Capital budgeting is hard. It feels easier to hope for the best and deal with equipment replacements as they emerge. We find that many architecture firms combine capital and operational expenses into a single IT budget. That’s a big mistake. If your firm doesn’t stay on top of capital investment in IT, your operating costs will inherently increase. We’ll create a proactive replacement schedule and capital budget, so you can plan for the future.

Security. Your clients trust you with sensitive building plans, and it’s no exaggeration to say that virtual security translates directly to physical security. There is no substitute for the exceptional security provided in our IT services for architecture firms.

Let Us Help

Leveraging the power of great IT to accelerate your business is a crucial choice. The functional stability and launchpad for growth that architecture managed IT services bring to your firm’s bottom line is worth a detailed look. Whether you run lean or are in a season of dramatic growth, a strategic approach to IT services will help you get to where you want to go.

So contact us today and we’ll schedule a comprehensive consultation to identify your needs and create a plan for success!


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