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The world may see hardhats and power tools, but you know the core of your business is actionable information and communication. You’re leading teams of professionals who need access to accurate data to manage complex projects. You don’t have time for error, and any miscommunication is costly. At the end of the day, your reputation comes down to your ability to deliver quality, timely, and on-budget construction services.

That means your business requires far more than a few desktop computers and an office phone system. You need strategic construction managed IT services that work for your business.

Dynamic Computing acts as a partner and coach in developing a tailored, leveraged, strategic, and comprehensive IT strategy that strengthens communication and workflows among your teams and empowers you to navigate the changing industry with agility and confidence.

  • Dynamic understands our specific IT needs. They create custom solutions to our business’s unique challenges, and we truly feel like their team is an extension of ours.

    Zack Hill, CEO / Pacific West Construction and Maintenance

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Construction IT Managed

Whether you are scaling into new markets and planning for growth or refining a well-developed legacy, having the systems and tools ready for the technology challenges and opportunities of tomorrow will always serve your bottom line. Construction IT services are crucial.

Construction IT services will allow you to leverage IT as a strategic tool to accomplish your organizational goals and objectives with:

  • Seamless communication. From phone to email to texts to shared documents, your teams are exchanging information 24/7, every day of the year. You need agile communications that can keep up with the pace of your work and reliably connect from everywhere you need to be.
  • Enhanced project management. Integrated software packages enable you to manage complicated business processes, so you can track all of your moving pieces in one accountable system. That means work schedules, resources, timelines, budgets, and records are always at your fingertips.
  • Mobile device tools & management. Your employees don’t work “just down the hallway.” Their offices are job sites throughout the region, and your ability to connect and manage what happens on the jobsite has a direct impact on the success of your business. You need to know that their mobile devices, applications, and data security are up to the task.
  • Cloud computing. Adaptable, accessible computing solutions are central to construction IT. Powerful cloud computing means your teams have access to the most up-to-date information, regardless of their locations. That means better communication and more accurate decision-making capabilities.

Dynamic Computing’s construction IT services have the power to transform the way you do business.

Our Catered IT Construction Strategy

We work with you to bring exceptional construction IT strategies to action.

Zack Hill, CEO at Pacific West Construction and Maintenance, knows the value that a stable IT partner brings to his business. “We viewed technology as an obstacle to be suffered through rather than a strategy to be utilized, and I didn’t believe that any IT firm could fully understand my perspective as a small business owner.”

That changed when he encountered Dynamic Computing. “I started to see that our company needed someone who specialized in IT and who would look out for our best interests.”

So, Zack invited Kevin Gemeroy, CEO at Dynamic Computing, and the rest of our team to dive into Pacific West’s systems with a comprehensive IT assessment. The findings transformed Pacific West. “Dynamic showed us the value of IT,” Zack says. Over next few months, Dynamic proceeded to execute their recommendations, installing new equipment and transforming the Pacific West systems.

“Now we can communicate effectively with our guys in the field,” Zack explains. “Our key focus is to make sure our team can collaborate, send photos, and submit invoices from any location.”

Most significantly, Pacific West values the trust we’ve built. “Dynamic Computing is part of our team,” Zack says, “They work with us. Dynamic understands our specific IT needs. They create custom solutions to our business’s unique challenges, and we truly feel like their team is an extension of ours.”

Construction IT services are an extension of your organization’s strategic alignment. We work with you to define strategy and to custom-fit solutions to how you prefer to do business, with our eyes always focused on where you want to be.

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Accessible information, clear communication, and strategic business growth comes down to great IT systems.

It’s time to make IT work for you. Fill out the contact form, and let’s discover how Dynamic Computing can become your construction IT services partner and turn technology into a winning tool in your company’s strategic arsenal.


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