Why Legal IT Services Are Important

The pressures, pace, and need for performance within the framework of legal services is unparalleled in elsewhere business. Expectations could not be higher, perfection is precedent, and error creates catastrophic results for service provider and client alike.  Your teams are the very best of the best, the situation is almost always life or death, and the tools you use require not only dependability but a practiced excellence that is equal to your own capacity.

When it comes to legal IT services there is simply no margin for error. You need IT solutions that you can stake your reputation on, where pivots between contemporary crises, working environments and technologies is not just seamless but anticipated.

That’s where we come in.

As a leveraged strategic partner Dynamic Computing offers unparalleled services that engage IT solutions not from a standpoint of ‘getting it done’ but as systems designer crafting a tool that can, will, and should be a safe harbor amidst a changing landscape. IT done right is a thing of excellence and a strategic investment in your firms’ preparedness for tomorrow.

We provide expert level managed IT services. Managed properly, as it should be, your IT spend is a highly effective investment, enabling your attorneys to move fast with dependable tools, the client to be well served when and how they need, and yourself another edge in front of the competition.

  • Regardless of where I am, I have complete access to exceptional IT support with the click of a button.

    Lana Floyd, Managing Partner / Ellis, Li, & McKinstry Law

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We Know Legal IT Support

Dynamic Computing serves legal firms with industry-leading legal IT services and legal IT support. We work with premier firms in the Pacific Northwest to implement the highest levels of IT security, data backup and recovery, system monitoring, and day-to-day support in line with the technological roadmaps we build with their teams, addressing the needs of today and investing in tomorrow.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • Efficient remote work. Every member of your firm is ready to be at work, no matter where they are. We work with you to make sure that business is executable and secure 24/7, anywhere you might be.
  • IT investment. With a careful examination of goals and practices we help you to make both strategic and tactical choices to build an infrastructure that is not only resilient but efficient, effective, and ready for tomorrow.
  • IT security. Your firm’s ability to guarantee confidentiality for all of your sensitive communications and documents is critical. Dynamic Computing allows you and your teams to work with complete confidence in your IT security measures.
  • Data backup and recovery. Your documents live at the heart of your business. You need to know that your records are safe, accessible, and recoverable. Always. We make sure all of your data exists in at least two places at all times.
  • System monitoring. We believe the best defense is a good offense. We think you’ll agree. We take a proactive and strategic approach to legal IT support and monitor your systems and support ticket requests so we can detect and prevent major issues before they ever happen.


Routine support. Every team member in your office is one click away from efficient IT support. No tracking down the IT guy. No time wasted on hold. Just quick, effective solutions every time.

Unparalleled Legal IT Services for Developing the Best Strategy

Dynamic Computing specializes in legal IT services, so you can leverage your tech systems as a winning strategy.

“Dynamic Computing understands what we need to do as a law firm,” says Lana Floyd, managing partner at Ellis, Li, & McKinstry Law. “They’re keenly aware of our industry regulations and licensure requirements, and they keep our office on the cutting-edge of security. They operate as part of our team to ensure confidentiality and excellence at every turn.”

The specific needs and regulatory requirements of legal IT services are not a mystery. It is a set of tools and practices that need to be employed with diligence, consistency, and intelligence. That is exactly what we do.

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