New to Nonprofit IT Managed Services?

You have big goals, bigger dreams, and need all hands on-deck to serve mission. Your people-first organization needs technological tools that propel you toward your mission, not slow them down or get caught up in needless capabilities. In a space of service where relationship is everything, communication has never been more crucial. Good tools effectively managed have never been more important. Here at Dynamic Computing we provide nonprofit IT services that maximize productivity, protect your critical data, and empower you to lead your teams in the office, remotely, or around the globe.

We engage your IT systems not just as a service provider but as a committed strategic partner invested in helping you achieve your organizational goals. We manage all of your IT needs. We work on your schedule. We give you what you need, no more, no less. Frankly, we don’t understand how we could serve you well and do it any other way.

Our proactive solutions for communication and remote work enable seamless transitions through contemporary challenges, our real-time software maintenance and support, data backup and recovery, network monitoring, and security give you real-time assurance, and our ongoing analysis of the organization’s hardware needs and works with your nonprofit on IT planning and budgeting. And when it comes to planning for the future and dreaming big, we’ve got you covered, too.

As your guide and partner in nonprofit managed IT services, we serve as your confidant and collaborator while you work to change the world.

  • Technology is always going to be an important part of our organization ...Dynamic Computing and Dropbox are an essential part of our operational strategy.

    Paul Paulson, Operations & Technology Director / Building Changes

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  • Dynamic Computing can add a lot of value that most nonprofits don’t believe is available to them.

    Ashleigh Vessey, Administrator and Special Projects Manager / King County Sexual Assault Resource Center

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The Value of Having Managed IT Services for Nonprofit

Every dollar counts for a nonprofit organization. Maximizing those efficiencies to enable your bottom-line without sacrificing the excellence your teams need and deserve is a non-negotiable for our team. Too often, nonprofit leaders resign themselves to low-budget or low-service IT firms that do little more than maintain status quo.

We do things differently. Our service model and philosophy drives a powerful engine for qualitative decision making, strategic investment, and goal-oriented problem solving. We don’t just solve the problem, we perform at a level few can match.

Having a quality nonprofit IT service provider on your team empowers you to:

  • Spend more time on mission. Dynamic Computing takes IT off your plate. We’ll keep track of warranties, replacement schedules, proposed IT budgets, and all the tech details that take time away from the work that matters.
  • Rely on a full team of experts. With Dynamic Computing, you’re not relying on one or two internal employees with limited time and narrow scopes of expertise. You have a full team of experts in everything from system strategies to security to how to get you back into your email account when you forget your password.
  • Minimize disruptions. Dynamic Computing works proactively. We monitor your systems, listen for your needs, and look out for trouble spots so we can resolve them before they turn into problems. This means no more days lost to failing servers, crashing computers, or underperforming Wi-Fi.
  • Work anywhere. As more and more organizations move to remote and mobile solutions for information management, Dynamic Computing’s cloud-based solutions keep your team agile and equipped while also keeping your organization’s information secure.

Managed IT services for nonprofit teams transform the way you lead your organization so you can transform lives. Your teams may never notice the seamless, effective, and worry-free IT solutions you leverage into place by working with Dynamic Computing – but you absolutely will.

Nonprofit IT Managed Services Is Our Specialty

We provide the managed IT services nonprofit teams need. We’ve spent years listening to and building relationships with extraordinary organizations in our region, and it’s a privilege to serve their needs.

In 2015, we helped Malaria No More, a nonprofit committed to ending malaria in our lifetime, pivot as they worked to move closer key donors and strategic partners. We worked with MNM to navigate a cross-country relocation without losing time or resources in the shift. We evaluated their existing systems, identified their needs, and had their new offices ready for operation by the time they arrived. No downtime. No headaches.

“We were asking the impossible,” Linley Kirkwood, MNM’s Operations Officer, remembers of Dynamics nonprofit IT services. “But Dynamic Computing took time to dive in and understand us and our business needs.” With only fifty-three days to move MNM’s entire IT infrastructure from New York to Seattle, Dynamic Computing created a plan and rose to the challenge, completing the work a week ahead of schedule.

Today, Malaria No More is a virtual organization with teams around the world, and, for them, our managed IT services are a vital tool in bringing an end to malaria’s presence in our world.

We’re also proud to work with King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC) as they alleviate the trauma of sexual assault for victims and their families. KCSARC trusts Dynamic Computing to have their back as an IT ally. We keep data secure, systems running, and remote teams agile so they can do what they do best, ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.

Need to Talk About IT?

Reliable managed IT services aren’t a luxury for your nonprofit and its goals. They’re a necessity. There are real world security questions that require constant monitoring, quick response, and intelligent real-time answers. You need an expert to manage the challenges of tech and support you as you lead the way for change,

Your organization needs a solid IT team that can guide and assist with an increasingly complex online regulatory environment. From everyday help tickets to IT budgeting to big picture planning, you need a reliable IT services ally to help you and your team stay on mission.

Dynamic stands ready to provide nonprofit IT services to meet these needs.

Your mission to our community is critical, and the less time you spend managing tech, the more time you spend championing your mission.  It’s time to take one more thing off your plate. Fill out the contact form and let Dynamic Computing take on your nonprofit IT managed services.

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