IT Managed Services for Real Estate

Real estate is a complex and highly leveraged business that requires excellence and allows little margin for error.  Real Estate IT needs are, by definition, not just ‘complex’ but ‘mission critical,’ as is the choice you make in choosing a strategic partner to manage those systems for you. With a diverse portfolio of clients and properties, you need to keep your business equipped to handle it all. That’s where we come in. Our real estate IT support works with you to meet your unique needs on every front, in every scope of service, as an accountable partner in the growth of your business, enabling your team to leverage IT as an asset in building an infrastructure you can grow from.

With the world in flux and the real estate market constantly changing, we create a safe harbor in the storm. Our IT managed services for real estate support:

  • Residential brokerages. The landscape is constantly changing. You’re navigating shifting residential demographics and the constant churn of a dynamic real estate team. You need a reliable IT partner who can handle your IT and systems for remote work, flexibility, and uptime.
  • Commercial developers. Your business has always had to adapt with the real estate market. Now you have to factor in the unknown commercial and demographic consequences of COVID-19, with no safe harbor in a landscape of shifting values. As a strategic partner we work tirelessly to ensure that IT is a dependable, accountable and predictable rock at the center of your team’s process, enabling you to pivot as needed to deal with today’s ever-changing needs.
  • Property managers. As a nerve center in your service of landlords and tenants alike, IT plays a vital role in every transaction and every need. Whether it is ubiquitous or invisible, IT needs to be efficient, versatile, and dependable. IT systems need to help you get documents signed remotely, files delivered on the spot, and connect all of your agents in real time, right now. Effective IT management is not just a tool but a selling point, enhancing your appeal to future clients as you execute business without a single missed step while competitors scramble to solve yesterday’s problem.

This is why we believe that IT managed services for real estate go far beyond checking up on a server and helping employees reset email passwords. IT empowers your business and enables you to close deals, expand service areas, and stand out in the market.

  • Our whole process of building our system with Dynamic was strategic, and we got the system that we wanted.

    Alan Byars, Principal & Head of Legume Inventory / Blanton Turner

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The True Benefit of Real Estate IT Support

The modern world runs on IT. Most real estate companies settle for low-cost and low-return IT services that keep dated and insecure systems limping along. That approach creates downtime, disruptions, and the constant fear of data loss that comes with reactive IT management. Dynamic Computing’s IT support services give you the competitive advantage you need to lead the pack in your industry, ahead of the game and ready for tomorrow, today.

We don’t just support IT; we transform your IT systems from ‘necessary evil’ to ‘powerful selling point.’

Our top-level team collaborates with you to assess your systems and identify gaps and liabilities. Then, we build a plan for success. From proactive management to routine IT support to strategic budgeting and planning, we work as an end-to-end, full-service real estate IT support team with experts in every role.

So, while you take on the market in Seattle and beyond, we take care of:

  • Strategic IT planning & budgeting. We work with you to identify the most effective tools to leverage and invest in and when. Your IT spending is married to your business objectives, every time.
  • File management systems and backups. We equip you with flexible cloud-based services that adapt and expand as your business evolves.
  • We begin by ensuring your systems and software are current and supported. We then work to eliminate vulnerabilities that threaten your company’s privacy and security. When you’re working with complex building access systems, remotely controlled HVAC systems, and confidential client information, virtual security translates to physical security.
  • Proactive & preventative IT support. We help your teams troubleshoot technical issues. We also proactively monitor your ticket volume and analyze them for patterns that allow us to truly get to the root of the problem.
  • Integrated communications systems. We help you reduce complexity and bring phone, email, chat, and document sharing systems into alignment.
  • Long term planning. We’ll keep a real-time inventory of all of your IT assets, so you know exactly what is where. We’ll create a proactive replacement schedule and capital budget, so you can plan for the future.

At every turn, we are your go-to team for innovative real estate IT support strategies that advance your business goals.

Our IT Services for Real Estate Companies Work

The value of exceptional IT services for real estate companies goes deeper than any immediate cost or benefit. The value of presents itself in the needs of the moment as you work with your IT team to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. You’re equipped to take on whatever comes next.

Even a pandemic.

Blanton Turner, one of Seattle’s premier property management firms, trusts Dynamic Computing to manage IT needs at all of their 82 properties. When the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine caught other real estate companies off-guard, Blanton Turner was prepared and confident. Like the flip of a switch, they pivoted from an in-office workplace to a fully connected virtual team.

Investing in excellence pays dividends. That’s where we deliver.

“We can’t offer our service without Dynamic Computing,” says Chasten Fulbright, Blanton Turner’s Creative Innovator. “They do more than check off boxes and call it good. They allow us to get extraordinarily creative at each property we manage, thus enabling our clients to get every extra bit of performance out of their investments.”

IT managed services for real estate is a critical asset. Your real estate IT support team is one of your greatest assets for strategic growth. We exist to help you harness that asset and transform it into tangible revenues that you, your teams, and your clients can enjoy.

Let Us Provide You Real Estate IT Support

Real estate IT support isn’t optional. It shouldn’t be an after-thought or add-on. You need a core IT partner you can trust to help you navigate evolving technologies and expectations.

Make IT happen. Dynamic Computing’s IT services for real estate companies is your all-in-one solution to achieve all of your IT objectives. We’ll help you manage today’s technology needs and prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges, one step ahead of the game, every time.

Fill out the contact form now and build your real estate business with the knowledge that your IT is secure, reliable, and actively advancing your business goals.

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