What is IT Procurement?

IT procurement services help businesses, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations navigate the process of purchasing IT products. Emphasis on process.

Acquiring the right IT assets that provide the best long-term results is an important undertaking, and one that impacts your business efficacy for years to come. As such, IT procurement necessitates clear, expert leadership to identify needs, assess options, and execute the purchase and implementation. IT assets are a strategic investment, and their acquisition requires specialized knowledge to identify the right solutions for the unique environment you face.

In short, you need a highly specialized team to make the best choices. One who knows IT and understands your business objectives.

Why You Should Consider IT Procurement Services

Managed IT services are a core tool in your operations arsenal. From email and phone systems to servers and access points, your business runs on IT. That means it’s important find the right tools in order to maximize productivity and profitability. To do that, you need an IT procurement expert.

Technology procurement defines the next phases of your business. It’s a commitment to growth, efficiency, productivity, and profitability, and it pays to have an expert get the order right the first time.

While at first glance, it may look like online retailers offer a less expensive alternative for information technology procurement, they lack the ability to add valuable elements, including manufacturer on-site warranties. They also can’t walk you through installation and implementation or recommend enhanced solutions that truly fit your business operations.

At the end of the day, an IT procurement services specialist will save you time and money and ensure a better, more scalable return on investment.

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Our IT Procurement Process

Dynamic Computing’s information technology procurement process is structured and designed with the sole intent of meeting your organization’s and your users’ needs. Our chief concern is finding the right fit for you.

We break this process into three core steps.

Product Line

First, we begin by selecting the right product line. Most major IT manufacturers (think names like Dell, HP, Apple, Aruba, etc.) offer multiple product lines, ranging from personal to commercial to enterprise-grade products. If you’re a small to mid-sized business, we highly advise against purchasing any personal-grade products, since they lack key security features like TPM chips that enable the devices to be encrypted without an external key.

By contrast, commercial-grade products are built to a higher standard and have longer product lifecycles. For instance, while a personal-grade laptop line may tweak internal components every few months, its commercial-grade counterpart will maintain the same parts for a year or more. Commercial products also feature higher quality elements, including casings, hinges, and spill-proof keyboards. That means less time and resources wasted on replacing equipment that fails too soon.

Needs Analysis

Second, we conduct a needs analysis for each group of IT users. This is where we dig deep and get to know exactly how you operate so we can identify the tools that enable you to succeed.

There is no one-size-fits-all tech solution within your organization. Different departments and managerial levels generally require different equipment specs. For instance, executives who travel frequently often find more success with smaller, lighter laptops with long battery lives, while finance and accounting teams might need a 10-key on their laptop keyboard. Similarly, video and graphics professionals need their own workstations equipped with high-performance devices and dedicated graphics cards.

We then identify which accessories are most appropriate for each department’s workflows. These needs look different for every employee and every physical workspace, but they may include docking stations, monitors, cables, speakers, external keyboards, mice, webcams, scanners, and personal printers.

You hire specialized professionals for a reason. We work with you to equip them with the tools they need to move your business forward.

Product List

Finally, we create a product list and submit to several authorized distributors for special pricing. This is where strategy goes into action. Our IT procurement services team approaches multiple trusted, authorized distributors to find the purchasing path that best serves your interests. Typically, you’ll get access to discounts on large orders, often up to 5-10% off MSRP, depending on quantities.

In this final stage, it’s imperative to purchase all IT products through an authorized distributor and reseller. This ensures that, should any issues arise, your products are backed by sound warranties and support systems.

You should allow for a reasonable amount of time between placing your order and expected delivery. Many manufacturers are experiencing increased demands for laptops, webcams, and other remote work-friendly tools.

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IT is one of the single most important factors in determining your business’s productivity and success. IT procurement isn’t a gamble; it is a calculated investment in your business’s future.

An experienced IT procurement service partner can help you make the most of that investment, ensuring that you get exactly what your business needs the first time. When your devices arrive, they’ll then set up your systems and make sure that your teams are trained and equipped from day one.

Dynamic Computing can help you in that process.

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