What is an IT Security Audit?

From financial records to client information to valuable IP, your IT systems house highly confidential information that’s crucial to your business operations. Protecting those assets is central to protecting your business. That’s why a having a comprehensive IT security audit is essential.

An IT security audit is an in-depth evaluation of your business’s current IT security measures in the context of an end-to-end IT audit. That process includes a professional evaluation of your physical infrastructure, software platforms, user roles, and more. After all, you can’t find all the holes if you don’t inspect the entire property.

As IT security experts, we know exactly what to look for, which questions to ask, and how to implement simple safeguards that offer true protection. Our IT vulnerability assessment is all about identifying low-hanging fruit—like out-of-date software, weak password policies, or insufficient firewalls—and grabbing easy wins. After that, we create a game plan for the bigger, more complex tasks.

In a world of constant change and evolving threats, it’s hard to know exactly what you need in order to safeguard against the unknown. That’s why we’re here. With the complete Dynamic Computing IT security audit (part of our Foundational IT Assessment) and Advanced Security package, you get an ally in cyber security.

We focus on protection so you can focus on your objectives.

Why an Information Technology Security Assessment is Important

Cyber-attacks don’t happen only to big names like Sony, Equifax, or Yahoo. They impact small and mid-sized businesses as well, and they can be detrimental to your company’s goals, operations, and bottom-line. This is where an IT security audit comes in.

An IT vulnerability assessment shows you exactly where your business stands in a world of constant threats. It’s an assessment that gives you the information you need to strategize and scale without sacrificing security. From there, you can build an action plan to keep your business on top in productivity and growth.

By contrast, poor cybersecurity leaves you, your clients, and your reputation vulnerable.

Cyber-attacks carry major consequences and disruption. For businesses in legal, medical, and financial fields, compromised IT security carries major legal ramifications and impacts licensing and certification statuses.

Other companies, like those in architecture and real estate, hold a trove of information on their client’s floor plans, access points, and building security systems, leaving them responsible for protecting that information against nefarious actors.

Regardless of the intent of the cyber-attack, the aftereffects have a lasting impact on your business. Cleanup generally requires network downtime, resulting in disrupted productivity and even data loss if adequate backups are not in place. Depending on industry and impact, you may even have to divert funds and attention to managing PR campaigns, regulatory fines, and investigations.

An IT security audit can help you prevent that disruption from ever happening. At the end of the day, an IT security assessment is far more than a CYA measure. It’s a strategic move to protect your investments.

How We Can Assist In Your IT Security Audit

Our IT security audit is part of the big-picture IT plan for your business. With it, we identify and implement multiple industry-standard systems and protocols that keep you a step ahead of the next threat.

Here are a few of the items we’ll tackle:

  • Email. The weakest link in your IT security is often the one employee who accidently clicks a bad link in the wrong email. Phishing attacks are the single most common security incident we see in small to mid-sized businesses. To prevent this, we recommend using spam filters, link and attachment scanning, centrally managed endpoint protection software, and a dual approach to web content filtering.
  • Credentials. Weak or compromised credentials are a hacker’s goldmine. To avoid giving bad actors easy access to your business operations, be sure to require two factor authentication on all your company accounts. This adds an extra layer of security for when Employee X tries to use “Password123” on every account.
  • Theft protection. A good old-fashioned smash and grab can be just as problematic as a sophisticated cyber-attack, but there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself in case your computer falls into the wrong hands. We recommend enabling drive encryption on your laptop, implementing centralized device monitoring with your IT team, and applying STOP plates (a special anti-theft sticker) to any computers that are deployed in common areas where an increased risk of theft is inherent.
  • Shadow IT. Everybody has their favorite collaboration tools. Simple things like messaging, file sharing, and task management can take place on an endless variety of personal platforms and devices outside of your IT team’s purview. This creates shadow IT, and it leaves your business and your employees’ work vulnerable to security breaches. Countering this requires strategic leadership from your IT team. It’s all about asking the right questions, empowering employees with the right tools, and setting IT standards.

This list could go on, but the end goal of the IT security assessment is to make sure you have the information, systems, and safeguards in place to prevent disruption and protect your data.

  • Dynamic understands our specific IT needs. They create custom solutions to our business’s unique challenges, and we truly feel like their team is an extension of ours.

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Developing Your IT Strategy

IT security is a major player in your IT strategy. Having a clear understanding of where your cyber security stands indicates how strong your foundation is.

Our Advanced Security package is designed from the ground up to offer the tools, techniques, and training needed to keep your business safe, secure, and compliant all at the same time.

Dynamic Computing’s highly trained IT team goes beyond installing a firewall and setting up a decent spam filter. We work with you to monitor networks and identify suspicious activity before it ever becomes a threat. We also help you develop protocols and educate your teams on IT security best practices. Then, as you continue to plot the trajectory of your business, we walk with you to select digital systems that both empower your work and protect your data.

You’re not in IT alone. We’re here to help.

Scheduling Your IT Audit

An IT audit is your first step to an effective IT strategy and your first defense against cyber security threats.

There are many IT service providers willing to provide assessments and recommendations using quick and canned, one-size-fits-all approaches. That’s not us. We start with an in-depth interview while investigating your unique workflows, combination of IT tools, and business objectives. Then we dive into systems and take a hard look at how things are operating and where weak spots actually exist. Only then do we provide researched recommendations for your specific company.

With the IT security audit included in our Foundational IT Assessment, you get the professional advice and insights you need to prevent disruption and build out your IT strategy.

Let’s get started. Contact Dynamic Computing to get expert insight into your IT security systems.

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