Solving the Challenges of Modern IT Support for Redmond Businesses

From Microsoft to Redmond Town Center to Idylwood Park, Redmond is a wealth of industry, innovation, and life. It’s home to scrappy startups and established giants, and it’s an exhilarating environment in which to run a business. But with that exhilaration comes the realities of day-to-day operations, not least of which is the tech you rely on to advance your company goals.

Now, with remote and hybrid work as the new normal, office technology is firmly cemented IT as the heartbeat of business. Redmond’s leading names—Microsoft, Nintendo, AT&T—have felt the push to remote work just as much as school districts, healthcare facilities, and law offices. With such wide sweeping technological shifts in play, finding reliable IT support in Redmond has never been more crucial to pursuing your company’s strategic ends.

As businesses throughout the region adapt to COVID-19 measures and realign strategies for employee retention, fiscal planning, and long-term growth, executives and managers also need to make sure their teams are equipped with the best tools to stay ahead.

That’s why having top-tier IT support in Redmond is more important than ever. The world is changing rapidly. It’s nearly impossible for small to mid-sized businesses to navigate all the technology and security challenges without a professional IT team to help and building an internal team from scratch is expensive and time-consuming. That’s where an experienced, Redmond-managed IT service provider comes in.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. We’re Dynamic Computing.

The Managed IT Services We Provide for Redmond

At Dynamic Computing, managing IT support for Redmond’s growing small and mid-sized businesses is truly our primary mission. We take full ownership over our clients’ IT systems and software, so we approach their systems the way we approach our own.

Our goal is simple: we want your IT systems to work amazingly well so that you can stay focused on what you do best—running your company and achieving your business goals. We want you to be so confident in us that IT falls into the background of your mind, allowing you to focus wholly on your business and your clients.

This commitment to your success is especially meaningful for those of us based in Redmond and the surrounding areas in Washington. King County restrictions have been rigorous, and without the ability to work collaboratively and seamlessly in this new normal, countless Redmond companies lost days or weeks of productivity while trying to transition. As Redmond’s premier IT support team, this is exactly the kind of disruption that Dynamic Computing helps you avoid.

Here are the core elements of the IT management services that our team at Dynamic Computing provides for our Redmond clients:

  • Network monitoring
  • Help desk support
  • Managed patching
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Warranty replacement
  • Disaster recovery
  • System inventory
  • Technical documentation
  • Strategic IT planning
  • Cybersecurity and compliance

Read on to find out how your business can master each key IT need with the partnership of Dynamic Computing.

Proactive Server & Network Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring services include capturing and reviewing notifications and relevant logs from the devices and software that comprise your IT systems. Our goal in proactively monitoring your systems is to identify and shut down major problems before they happen to prevent any unexpected system downtime.

Help Desk Services

Our help desk is at the very core of our Redmond IT support service operation. The team has one mission: to make your users’ IT problems go away before you notice they are there. But not all help desks are created equally. For many value-focused IT service providers, the help desk is a cost to be minimized. As such, they often outsource this function to a subcontractor (usually in another country or a lower-cost geographic area) that has no knowledge of your business. At Dynamic Computing, we pride ourselves in not only understanding your environment as thoroughly as you do, but also in assisting your team in writing knowledge base articles for employees to feel empowered and confident in their day-to-day productivity.

Managed Patching

As a core part of our Redmond IT support service offering, each of our clients receives full managed patching services for all their servers, workstations, and select software applications, whether they’re in a downtown office or on a laptop at Marymoor. This ensures that all systems are kept up to date with the latest software and security updates.

We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that our standard patch schedule meets their business needs and offer customized patching as needed for critical systems or businesses that operate 24/7.

Preventative Maintenance

Ensuring our clients’ equipment is professionally and preventatively maintained is another core part of our managed IT services offering. Computing devices ranging from network equipment to batteries to backup systems all require regular maintenance to ensure they stay up and running at full speed.

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Warranty Replacement

The last thing anyone wants is for a brand-new device to fail or cause problems. That’s why we provide warranty replacement services for all the hardware we sell and support as part of our Redmond IT services offering. If you break it, we buy it.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

An IT outage or server crash is the stuff an executive’s nightmares are made of. That’s why we include an enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution as a core part of our managed IT services in Redmond. Our BDR solution ensures all servers and optionally specific PCs are protected and fully backed up, usually multiple times per day. Whether you’re facing natural disasters, rogue bicycles, or anything in between, you’ll never lose your data again.

System Inventory

One of the most important things a great IT department can do is keep an accurate inventory of all your IT assets. That’s why we update our system inventories nigh-religiously and offer our clients access via a secure web-based portal so they can review it at their convenience.

Technical Documentation

Documentation may be the most boring part of managing IT, but it’s also one of the most important in creating and maintaining a consistent user experience. We add and update all our documentation regularly to make sure all your routine tasks are fast and smooth.

The documentation we create includes new user and workstation setup procedures, site-specific plans and maps, and photos of key pieces of equipment. Our end goal is a simple and efficient support experience, no matter which of our team members is working on your system.

IT Reviews & Strategic Planning

One of the most important services Dynamic Computing provides to our clients is our routine IT Review. Depending on the size and nature of the business, our team has proactive meetings with our clients, usually following a monthly or annual schedule. During these meetings, we review the equipment and software that comprises the IT system, the service history and key issues, and the status of the system’s security. We then provide an updated two-year capital budget that outlines future investments.

Our goal is to create alignment and integration at all levels of the business, so we truly act as an extension of the team and work collaboratively toward achieving our clients’ goals.

Managed Security Services

Our newest additions to our Redmond IT support offerings are our managed security services. We offer three security levels—basic, enhanced, and premium—with the goal of providing each of our clients with best-in-class security based on their unique business needs.

Let’s Connect

Partnering with a trusted Redmond IT service firm allows you to harness the skill and efficiency of a full IT department at the cost of a single internal employee. That means for the cost of one new hire, you can receive over 100 years of technical experience, roadmapping for your future, and the ease of mind that your company is covered 100% of the time, 24/7.

At Dynamic Computing we’re here to walk with you at every phase of your workplace IT growth. From security services to strategic planning to backup and recovery, we’ll keep your work safe and on track.

If you’re ready to look further into the benefits of hiring a Managed Service Provider, Dynamic Computing is here to help. Our team has been refined to deliver the white glove service to the Redmond area that your growing business deserves.

Consider us your linebackers. Our goal is to keep you safe and moving forward toward the goal line.

If you’re ready to make the jump to a streamlined partnership, reach out to us for an initial conversation and let’s get started. Contact Dynamic Computing to begin putting your playbook into action for your business’s IT success.


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