The First Step – Our Foundational IT Assessment

Every partnership starts with a conversation and great partnerships take more than one. For us, learning about your business, plans, and goals is just as important as knowing more about what IT gear you have or what backup solution you use.

That’s why the first step we take with every new client is a deep-dive into their business process, objectives, and practices. This is our Foundational IT Assessment, as it creates the foundation for our relationship to build upon.

Here’s a little more about the process and what it entails:

Step 1: Collaborate

Discovery Call

Our discovery call sets the stage for the initial engagement. We’ll ask lots of questions about your business, team, roles and current tech to make sure we start out on the right path.

Team Survey

The next step in our process is to hear directly from the team. We’ll send out a simple survey to figure out what’s working, what’s not, and what areas we need to improve upon.

Executive Interview

If it looks like we’ll be able to help and your business is a good match, we’ll setup an in-depth interview where we learn directly from your organization’s senior leadership what the problems, goals, and desired outcomes are.

Step 2: Collect

Initial Site Visit

This is where we get a chance to put our eyes on your technology. We’ll send one of our senior-level engineers to your office(s) to survey and document your IT equipment and how it’s configured. By the time we’re done, we’ll know more about your IT setup than you’d care to know.

Network Discovery

Next, we’ll use our IT sleuthing skills to search for anything that’s connected to your network. We’ll also install a discovery PC and some specialized software on your PCs, servers, and network equipment to document and create a full inventory of your IT assets.

Step 3: Develop

Comprehensive IT Audit

Once we’ve completed our discovery process and have access to your system, the real fun begins. During our audit, we look at more than just your workstations, servers, and networks.

We’ll review your backup and disaster recovery solution, major security risks, how effectively your team is using digital communication and collaboration tools, cloud products and applications, and much more.

Our audit process is incredibly thorough, and we look for over 150 different IT best practices to make sure we can identify each and every area that needs attention.

Internal Planning & Analysis

Once we’ve got all the data, our team gets to work on the plan. We come together internally to review the goals and challenges and to develop a plan of attack for how to get your IT systems from where they are today to where you want to go.

Step 4: Deliver


The final step in our process involves a comprehensive presentation. You’ll learn more about your IT situation in a couple of hours with our team than most consultants would provide in the first year.

Technology Roadmap

Our presentation includes a comprehensive roadmap that reviews your goals and gives you the plan of attack on how we’ll make it happen.

It’s designed to be forward thinking and lay out our vision for how to accomplish your goals through the use of technology.

Capital & Operating Budget

Last but not least, we’ll put pen to paper and talk about the numbers. We’ll create your comprehensive IT capital and operating budgets for the next 2+ years to make sure you have a clear and complete understanding of the costs involved in moving forward.

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